This was probably constructed in the 14th century C.E. to provide a ceremonial entrance to the city. It is said that there was originally some kind of reception chamber attached to the entrance. The gateway has been extensively restored in recent years. Photographs from the 1960's in Dr. Honarfar's book show two ruined minarets and no archway between them. The minarets have now been completely restored to their original splendour using traditional methods.
The Minarets are particularly interesting since the kufic lettering down the shaft of each minaret contains the names of the first three Imams of the Shi'ites; 'Ali, Hassan and Hussein and the 'Alid connections of this monument are further reinforced by the presence of the names of 'Ali, Fatimeh, Hassan and Hussein alongside the name of Muhammad, within the muqqarnas.
The picture shows a the view looking south from Khiaban-e-Kamal
Last Updated 06 December 1998