There is currently very little information about this mosque which is found to the east of a small street running north of Abdolrazzaq which in 1999 was called "Shahid Maman Push". The caretaker told me in 1999 that it was 400 years old, however I believe it to be roughly contemporary with the Masjed-e-Ali Gholi Agha which is close by and both have very similar Winter Prayer Galleries. The entrance to the Mosque is through a traditional "hashti" or eight sided hallway, which is one of the best examples of this style I have seen in Isfahan.

From the Hashti there are two main exits, To the left there is a room in which the faithful can wash themselves before going on to the Winter Prayer Gallery, or Shabestan. Straight ahead lies the small courtyard of the mosque from which the principal prayer chamber can be viewed in all its simplicity. The alcoves round the courtyard have been glazed in to provide separate prayer chambers. One of them appears to hold some artefacts in a glass case, but there was nobody present who could explain to me what these were.

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Last Updated: 9 April, 1999