Weekly Summary
Wk. Number Wk.Ending Wkly Hours All Visitors
10 07-Mar 424.7 12797
11 14-Mar 457.6 11031
12 21-Mar 429.7 10360
13 28-Mar 377.9 11040
14 04-Apr 421.8 12300
15 11-Apr 392.5 11241
16 18-Apr 467.2 11589
17 25-Apr 566.5 10514
18 02-May 431.4 10323
19 09-May 412.4 9596
20 16-May 407.7 9799
21 23-May 401.7 8251
22 26-May 130.4 2665
Access to this site is measured in 'Sessions'. These sessions are defined as a series of requests from a single IP Number of which all but the first are made within no more than 15 minutes of a previous one. They are roughly the same, therefore, as "visitors". The length of a session is measured from the time of the first request to the time of the last.

I have decided to eliminate sessions associated with non-Mozilla browsers, (i.e. most search engines) as they were beginning to distort the figures.

The Graph above shows the total length of the remaining sessions per week. This is roughly the same as the amount of time spent by users browsing the site during the week. The Table on the left shows this as well as the total number of 'Visitors' or Sessions per week. You can also see a chart of comparative usage between 2001 and 2002

The graph and table are currently updated manually when time permits and so will always be a little out of date.