This is an important Timurid shrine which has been painstakingly and considerably repaired by the Departments of Antiquities in Isfahan (Miras Farhangi).
Legend has it that the tomb was built by Muhammad bin-Baysunghur in memory of Sheikh 'Ala Al-Din Muhammad who in turn was descended from the third Imam of the Shi'ites, the grandson of the prophet, Al-Hussein. This Sheikh had been executed at the orders of Ghawar Shad, the wife of Timur's fourth son and successor, Shah Rukh, for supporting Muhammad's revolt. This atrocity and the consequent curse on Timur's line was said to have ended the life of Shah Rukh who died some two months later in 1447, following which Muhammad returned to Isfahan, and is credited with the erection of the shrine.
The shrine was recently used as a maternity hospital as noted in the lower of the two inscriptions over the door. The upper one records the work done by the Department of Antiquities in restoring the shrine. This is also a good opportunity to view the traditional door knockers. The circular one was considered to give a gentler tone and was intended for use by female visitors. This was a practical, rather than sexist distinction. The different tone meant that women inside the building did not need to cover themselves before answering the door.