The decorative treatment of this minaret can be divided into seven sections. The first at the base is plain brick, and this is followed by two bands of decorative brickwork.
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Banai Inscriptions at the base
The first of these, visible at the base of the picture, is made up of a series of somewhat poorly executed, large, rectangular Kufic Inscriptions in Banai style, picked out in the brickwork.
A horizontal band of Banai Kufic containing the names of Muhammad, and the first four Caliphs of Islam (Abu Bekr, Omar, Osman and Ali), separates this from the third section.
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Geometrical patterns
The third section is made up of fine geometrical patterns.
Examine the first 'crown'
The first 'crown'
The geometrical patterns are surmounted by the fourth section consisting of the first 'crown' of the minaret. This is composed of a lapis-lazuli inscription and elegant brick muqqarnas supporting a small platform.
Examine the upper 'crown'
The upper 'crown'
Above this, the fifth section consists of further decorative brickwork and this gives way to the sixth section, the second 'crown' of the minaret which is decorated in similar style to the first. The seventh and final section consists of the top of the minaret and is unornamented.