Standing in a small square in the middle of a narrow alleyway running north from Khiaban-e-Kamal is this fine minaret built during the Seljuk period. It is only a few hundred metres from another slightly earlier Minaret, the Minaret of forty Virgins, Monar-e-Chehel Dokhtaran. Both minarets are situated in the old Jewish quarter of Jubareh in the North East of the city. At the time of its construction it would probably have had a small mosque at the base of it, but this has long disappeared. The minaret is 14m in circumference at the base, and some 48m high, although it shows signs of shortening at some point, possibly to avoid it becoming dangerous, as it has a clear tilt towards the West.
The exact date of construction is unknown but is generally thought to be at the beginning of the 12th Century CE.