The tomb of Baba Qassem is situated beside the busy intersection between Khiaban-e-Ibn Sina and Khiaban-e-Allameh Majlesi. Its polyhedral tent dome, which is probably of 19th century origin, is no longer as clearly visible as it used to be because of the construction of new buildings in front of it. The Mausoleum is clearly of great age and Pope has suggested a Seljuk origin for it , although the current reconstruction dates from 1340 according to the inscription immediately above the portal.

Further extensive reconstruction appears to have taken place under the Safavids, according to the upper inscription, which refers to reconstruction in 1644 CE (1044 AH) undertaken by a local greengrocer.

The exteriori tilework is very fine. The spandrels on either side of the entrance show the early use of a greenish-ochre colour, which is used to provide highlights.

The remains of the mehrab inside the mausoleum are impressive and there is a magnificent vaulted roof, which probably dates from the 14th century and foreshadows the more exotic developments of the 15th century. The mausoleum is generally locked but in 1999 the key could be obtained from the small shop on the right.

Last Updated: April 03, 1999