Persian Gardening

These pages provide an affectionate introduction to the history and principles of Persian or Iranian horticulture and garden design. To view them you will need a browser which is capable of handling forms and which can process Client side image maps. They will look considerably better when viewed with browsers which support advanced Table features such as MS-Internet Explorer 3.0 and Netscape 3.0.

The Material has been designed as part of a course in International Landscape Gardening and the pages have been laid out to fit a 640*480 screen so that they can be used with standard projection equipment. If you only have a VGA display you should turn off all toolbars etc., and resize your window so that this background fits exactly within it.
The Map overlays have been tested with both the browsers mentioned above using the default display fonts. If you find that the circles indicating the major towns are not correctly situated, please let me know.
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