Some 36km south-west of Isfahan, just off the motorway to Shahr-e-Kord, lies the small village of Oshtorjan. This, otherwise unremarkable, village has a fine mosque dating from 712AH, which used to have a pair of shaking minarets above the northern gateway, similar to those found in the contemporary Monar-e-Jonban.

The picture above shows a general view of the mosque taken from the North-East. The main, northern entrance is visible to the right of the picture while the more recent, Eastern entrance can be seen in the wall on the left. This is now the main entrance to the mosque.

THe mosque was constructed during the reign of the Il-Khanid, Soltan Oljeitu,

Under ConstructionThis part of the site is still under construction.

Last Updated: 14 April 2001