This splendid entrance, which is no longer in use, is surmounted by a pair of minarets which are now ruined, but which used to shake in the manner of those at the contemporary Monar-e-Jonban.

The picture above shows a general view of the northern entrance. The edge of the eivan is decorated with pale blue glazed bricks set into the terracotta brickwork using a pattern based on the name of 'Ali, the son-in-law of Mohammad, wrtten in Kufic.

The spandrels have a pair of medallions in them which are decorated with elaborate calligraphy. The one on the left contains the name of Muhammad repeated five times to make a pantagonal star, while the one on the right appears to contain the name of God, Allah, treated in the same way.

The patron's inscription is above the main doorway, picked out in dark blue letters on a pale blue background. It reads as follows (The visible parts are shown in blue):

Founder's inscription
Translation to follow.

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