The Western eivan is interesting on account of its use of mirrored imagery at ground level. The roof of the vault shown here is full of traditional kufic patterns but the inscription in the centre is also interesting reinforcing the Shi'ite beliefs which were fundamental to the Safavid state.

The rear wall also has a short poem by the designer of this Eivan, Mohammad Amir.

Below this inscription are a matched pair of Kufic inscriptions, proclaiming the Shi'ite profession of faith. The one on the left being a mirror image of the one on the right. There are further matched pairs of inscriptions to the left and right.

Opposite the Mehrab, on the northern wall is a panel with raised tilework which echoes one of the set on the inside of the southern dome. The abstract designs on the latter have here been replaced with a religious poem written in Kufic.

Last Updated: 13 April 2001