Masjed-e-Jomeh - The Northern Cloisters

Map of Masjed-e-Jomeh Northern Cloisters

On the north side of the central courtyard there is a second group of cloisters dating from the Seljuk period. Schroder has pointed out that the alignment of the arcade closest to the Northern Eivan has been skewed in such a way that the arcade can use the eivan for support, thus indicating that the cloisters are later than the eivan which they surround. Similarities between the vaults in this part of the mosque and those in the south-western part suggest that the two sets of cloisters are contemporary and that they stem from the second rebuilding of the Mosque early in the tenth century.

The problems of dating any part of the cloisters with certainty stems from the tendency to replace damaged vaults while leaving the supporting pillars more or less intact.

Up West to the Entrance to the Shabestan.

Down Arrow East to the eivan.

Left Arrow South to the central fountain.

Down Arrow South to the entrance to the Porch

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