The Sanctuary of Taj Al-Mulk - Design Elements

System of Ratios Pentacle on inside of dome

The most important analysis of this sanctuary was undertaken by Eric Schroder. He identified the use of two systems of the proportion known as the Golden Section. This was achieved by the construction of a pentagon which has the property that the line connecting two opposite points cuts the perpendicular dropped from the intermediate one in such a way that the golden section is formed. The golden section is that point on a line which has been unevenly divided into two at which the proportion between the larger and smaller divisions is the same as that between the whole line and the larger division.

In the drawing above I have imposed the "progression of pentacles" adapted from Ardelan and Bakhtiar on the outside of the chamber, and although the alignment is nor exact because of the angle from which the picture has been taken, the relationship of key structural components to this proportion is fairly clear.

The architect was perfectly aware of what he was doing and the roof incorporates a pentacle in the insider as if to give a clue to the tranquil effect he has evoked. You can just about detect this in the 16- colour in-line image of the interior of the dome above. It is easier to see in the full colour version.

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