Map of Masjed-e-Jomeh On the northern side of the great Western Eivan of the mosque there is an impressive portal which leads to the winter Prayer Gallery. The portal is of somewhat later date than the buildings behind it which probably date from 1310 according to the date on the magnificent stucco mehrab of Oljeitu which forms the central feature, and dates from 1447. It was built by Imad ibn Muzaffar Varzaneh, during the reign of Soltan Muhammad Bahadur, one of Shah Rukh's grandchildren, possibly as an act of piety following his grandfather's death in 1447. The inscription in mosaic faience above the door reads as follows (The visible part is shown underlined):
Patron's Inscription
Which translated means:
The least of slaves, Imad ibn Muzaffar Varzaneh ordered the construction of this broad structure to be the winter mosque of this noble jami' during the reign of Sultan Muhammad Bahadur ... Shavval 851. Written by Seyyed Mahmud Naqqash.
A second inscription above the two columns supporting the doorway makes an apposite pun on the name of the founder. This inscription reads as follows:
Ghal al-nebi 'alieh al-salam al-salawat imad al-din
Which translated means:
Prayer is a pillar of the Faith (imad al-din)
The portal shows a fine mix of geometrical and arabesque styles. The latter are evident in the spandrels above the doorway, while the geometric designs carry forward the theme of the tilework on the walls of the courtyard.

The kufic inscription above the portal continues the punning character of those below it. It can be viewed in detail by clicking on the binoculars in the navigation pane:

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