Here you can see the underlying geometrical structure on which the decagonal panel is based. The pattern is based on an intricate hexagonal lattice which has been distorted to produce the apparently decagonal pattern in the centre. The octagonal sections in the four corners provide a clue as to the underlying structure of the net.
This panel has been interpreted for me by Javier Sanchez Gonzalez, whose pioneering work in the use of computers to analyse the geometrical structure of Islamic patterns through their underlying lattices was presented at ICEMCO '94. This challeneges the alternative view that the patterns were derived through repeated tessellation and is substantiated by designs such as this one which could scarecly be derived through tessellation. Dr Sanchez Gonzalez's paper is also available as part of this archive. Enquiries about the software, and his theories, can be made directly to him at the following E-Mail address

The picture above will alternate between a picture of the panel and Dr. Sanchez Gonzalez's computer-based description of the underlying structure.

Last Updated December 28, 1998