Here you can see the main square of the mosque photographed from the south-western corner in the late evening. You are sourrounded by a rhythmic series of two storied arcades, every inch of which is covered with softly coloured tiles. Unlike the entrance where the tilework was mosaic faience scintillating in the strong Iranian sunlight, here the painted tilework gives a softly luminous feel to the centre and encourages a more contemplative and reflective attitude aided by the rectangular pool in the centre.

Looking back to the main entrance on your left, you can see the skill of the architect who has brought you round the side of the portico on the left through one of the long barrel vaults on either side of it. You can clearly see here the way in which the entrance onto the sqaure has had to be constructed at a different angle to the main entrance so as to orient the mosque correclty towards Meccah. Notice too that the rear of the entrance eivan is almost completely unadorned; Safavid building is frequently criticised for this.

You may also wish to use the arrows in the navigation panel to explore one of the oratories with their small gardens or to go forward to the centre of the square to stand in front of the magnificent entrance to the sanctuary chamber.

Last Updated: 4 July, 1999