Light enters the interior of the sanctuary through eight grills at high level and a single window above the mehrab. It is filtered over a double series of grills covered in blue tilework, which gives a soft blue glow to the inside of the chamber.

The chamber is one of the largest single spans in Iran, but the authoritative elegance of the interior conceals its structural solidity. The interior is divided into eight large panels decorated in mosaic faience and picked out with turqoise cable moulding. Magnificent calligraphy by 'Ali Reza is set in a band which surrounds each of these panels. The corner panels form the squinch and the transition is so subtle, as seen in the illustration as to be scarcely perceptible so that the visitor is left wondering how the squareness of the sanctuary chamber itself can melt so seamlessly into the dome.

The dado and the side panels have been done with painted tiles and this makes the effect even more striking, the soft colours and forms of the former contrasting strongly with the mosaic faience of the corner panels.

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 31, 1999