The Mosque at Kabutar Abad is probably similar in age to the one at Dashti and has been shored up to permit its continuous use. It stands in a small cemetery to the south of the village in the midst of the fertile fields that surround Isfahan. There is little that is remarkable on the exterior but the interior has excellent examples of Seljuk brickwork.
The mosque is similar in many respects to that listed as the Masjed-e-Aziran in Dr. Hunarfar's survey. The picture he includes shows a small ruin to the left which may well be the same as the one on the right in the picture above. It is possible that this is all that remains of a minaret. However the mosque of Aziran, as pictured in Dr. Hunarfar's survey has a more rounded dome, whereas this one is clearly more pointed, I am also not convinced that the inscription inside the dome is from the Sura al-Fath, which he says is used in the Aziran mosque.
There is more work to do on this since it is clearly in the same general region.
Last Updated December 19, 1998