When the first Armenians arrived in Jolfa one of their first tasks was to erect a monastery for their priests to replace the one they had lost in Armenia. Within the monastery they established a small church which they called the "All Healing" (Amna Perkich) in 1606. The present cathedral was built on the site of this church some 50 years later. Work started in 1655 C.E. and the cathedral was completed in 1664 C.E.
The paintings in the church were paid for by the Armenian merchant, Avedic Stepanusian, and were executed by three monks, Havans, Stepanus and Minas.
The area surrounding the cathedral also includes a bell-tower, erected in 1702, a printing press, founded by Bishop Khachatoor, whose statue you can see in the picture above, a library established in 1884, and a museum which was opened in 1905 and which contains many historical objects and manuscripts, including the original grant of land.

Last Updated: October 22, 1998