The Entrance to the church is more or less opposite the Maryam Church and leads into a modest courtyard which is dominated on the Eastern side by the Church itself. The front is made up of a double row of four arched recesses, the third of which leads into the church itself. There is an inscription above this entrance.

The interior of the church is more reminiscent of a mosque than a traditional church. The lack of traditional pews is also evident in the Vank cathedral but not endemic: the Maryam church. for example has a more traditional layout.

The Apse, behind the altar, contains a pair of alcoves on either side of the altar which have been decorated with miniatures in the Armenian style.

The dome is spectacular and well worth viewing. It seems as though Petros Valijanian, the founder of this church, was almost deliberately trying to compete with the lavish decoration in the Vank Cathedral.

The church has fine paintings, including a fine picture of the Last Supper and pictures of Christ and his disciples on the Sea of Gallilee, the Expulsion from Eden, and the usual scenes of torture, this time of St. Gregor himself.

Last Updated: 11 April 2001