This mosque appears to have been completed in 1863 C.E. (1280 A.H.) according to an inscription in the Northern Eivan described by Honarfar. However the entire Northern side of the Mosque was significantly restored in 1993, some years after his description in 1970.

The Western Eivan has attractive tilework which uses an earlier style of decoration than that found in the Masjed-e-Seyyed, built some 50 years earlier.

Kufic Symbol for Allah The Eastern Eivan is interesting because it contains the motif made up of a square surrounded by four vertical strokes which, I have elsewhere hypothesised, symbolises the name of God, 'Allah'. What is interesting about this occurrence is that the intervening spaces in the design have actually been filled with these letters, as if to emphasise the point.

The entrance is to the West of the small covered passageway leading from Abdolrazzaq north to the Darb-e-Imam.

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