Glossary The movement from the single minaret of older times through to the minarets that flank an eivan is an interesting attestation of the growth of consciousness and the increasing importance which man has attached to his own place within Creation. The Unity of the old single minaret with its obvious resemblance to the cipher "1" has been replaced by a duality which first of all is used to flank gateways, such as the Dar Al-Ziyafeh, and is then subsumed within the religious architecture of the period as a realization of the balance within creation - as shown by the Monar-e-Jonban - "The Shaking Minarets". In the same way at the metaphysical level the "One" which symbolises the Deity moves through the "Two" of discrimination or intellectual perception into the "Four" of material wholeness which is encapsulated within the concept of the "Chahar Taq" whose longing for Unity is now expressed in the elaborate transition towards the Dome.
Last Updated December 03, 1998