Schematic view As an alternative to the outward expression of the garden, the concept can be turned inside out, so that the looking is inward, as in the square of a mosque, where the four eivans gaze inward on the small central pool.
"The interaction of space and surface creates a space that is totally at rest, devoid of tensions and conducive to contemplation."
In the illustration above, it is the small pool in the centre of the courtyard of the Masjed-e-Ali, where people ritually cleanse themselves before prayer that is the focus of attention as well as a source of reflection. While the previous example showed the garden on the outside, here the outer perimeter provides shelter and a place to rest in the shade.
"Within this tranquil space, the placement of the pool or fountain provides a centre as a positive direction for the creative imagination. Thus the horizontal creation of man is linked to the Vertical Cause, and man's recapitulation of Paradise is complete."
The schematic view above is adapted from that used by Ardelan and Bakhtiar, in "The Sense of Unity", p.68 and the quotations are from the same source.
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