This derelict minaret is nearly all that is left of an old mosque on the northern side of the road from Isfahan to Ziar near the village of Gar (also known as 'Jar' or 'Ghar'), about 22 km east of the city. It is visible from the road, certainly in spring when the trees do not hide it. The Minaret is covered with Kufic inscriptions set into the brick, and beside it there are the remains of what was probably once a finely sculpted mehrab, with traces of stucco decoration. Like other minarets along this road, including those at Rahravan and Ziar, it dates from the 12th century. An inscription reveals its date as 1121. The mehrab, which appears to have deteriorated badly over the last twenty years, dates from nearly 100 years later

Last Updated: 6 April, 1999