The author has benefitted greatly from the assistance and encouragement given by those responsible for the care of many of the monuments and buildings depicted in this document. The staff of the Miras Farhangi in Isfahan, (The Department of Cultural Heritage), have been more patient and generous with their time and knowledge than I can ever properly acknowledge. Their achievements, with the minimal resources at their disposal, are as great a testimony to their dedication and skill, as the original buildings are a testament to the expertise of their architects.
I am also grateful for assistance from the University of Tehran's Central Library and its Faculty of Arts. A particular debt is due to Mrs. Nahid Banieghbal of the Bibliographic section of the Library. I would like to take this opportunity to place on record my appreciation of the advice and assistance given by Terry Allen in preparing material for this archive during its early stages.
In this document I have attempted to bring to the viewer's attention those parts of each author's work which seem to me to be particularly relevant or interesting, however this may not always reflect the author's views. I urge the serious reader to consult the works listed below, as what I have been able to present here is only a small reflection of the total amount of information available.
Dr. Javier Sanchez Gonzalez, whose pioneering work on the analysis of Islamic Geometrical Design with computers has not only generously undertaken an analysis of some of the more complex patterns in the Masjed-e-Jomeh, but has also agreed to make available his paper, entitled "PUERTRA - The Doors of Tradition", presented in April 1994 as part of the ICEMCO'94 conference, as another of the resources available on this archive. I am extremely grateful to him on both counts.
I have also been fortunate in assistance with the translation of Arabic inscriptions from Ansar Al-Kayani, Akhtar Behravan, Ahmed Ouali and Siamak Rezaei
I am also grateful to the Vice Chancellor and Senate of the Anglia Polytechnic University, together with my former Dean of Faculty, Professor Colin Harrison, for making time and resources available to complete this work.
This work would be incomplete without acknowledging the love, support and encouragement I have at all times received from my Iranian wife, Fahimeh, and her family: without them none of this could have been achieved. They have been a source of inspiration and this work is dedicated to them.
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