Historically the bazaar was divided up by the types of products sold in each section. Some remannts of this division exist today however they are by no means rigorously enforced. This section of the bazaar which runs from South to North bewteen the main avenue and the old connecting route to the Friday Mosque was known as the Bazaar-e-Qannadi or 'Confectionery Bazaar' although as you can see it is currently devoted almost exclusively to hardware.

This picture is taken looking north from the covered alleyway which leads along the north side of the square and which starts immediately to the right of the main entrance.

Extensive reconstruction has taken place so that much of the original fabric has been replaced or covered over. This is a constant problem in the bazaar. In April 2000 a new water supply was being installed and this has led to further erosion of the original fabric since the money to restore the structures to their original condition is just not available.

From here you can currently go right, to the West, to visit the main part of the Safavid bazaar, or left, to the East, to join the old connecting route to the Friday Mosque (Masjed-e-Jomeh).

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Last Updated: 18 April 2000