Just south of the Dome of Avicenna a small covered bazaar runs down to the Masjed-e-Jomeh. In the middle of this area you will come across this impressive 14th century portal with its pair of flanking minarets beside the Tomb of Soltan Bakht Agha.

Inside there is a tomb on which there are two inscriptions at the head and foot of the tomb as shown below

Click here to see a larger imafe of the inscription (239Kb)
The image above on the right shows the inscription at the head of the tomb and this is shown in printed form on the right. The translation is as follows.
"This is the holy rock, built by the great lady, Soltan Bakht Agha, daughter of Amir Khosrow-Shah."
Click here to see a larger image of the inscription (120kb)
The images above show the inscription at the foot of the tomb. The translation is as follows.
"May God continue to bless her after her death. Completed in the month of Ramazan in the year 776 (1375 C.E.)"
Soltan Bakht Agha was the niece of Sheikh Abu Ishaq Inju, who had ruled Isfahan prior to the coming of the Muzaffarids. The death in 1335 C.E. of Soltan Abu Seyed Bahadur Khan, the son of Oljeitu, precipitated a collapse in Central Government in Iran. Isfahan came under the sway of Amir Chogan who was followed by Abu Ishaq Inju. The Inju family contested Western Iran with the Muzaffarids and eventually the Muzaffarids captured Abu Ishaq Inju and executed him in Shiraz.

Following the death of her uncle, Soltan Bakht Agha was married to the son of the incoming Muzaffarid ruler, Qutb Al-Din, but stirred up trouble between himself and his brother Jalal Al-Din, following their father's death. This may have been partly to avenge the death of her uncle. She also appears to have attempted to betray Isfahan, which had been given to her husband, to her brother-in-law. Her husband heard of the plot and had her executed, but he still lost Isfahan to his brother in 1375, and it may be that it was at the orders of Jalal Al-Din that this splendid monument was erected to honour the woman who had tried to help him and at the same time avenge her uncle's death.