The baths of Sheikh Bahai are found in a small street named after him which leads NW off the southern section of the old bazaar close to the Masjed-e-Jomeh. The baths derive their principal fame from the story that they were heated by a single candle which never needed renewing. The English are widely credited with destroying this unlikely phenomenon, but, as you will see if you enter the building the 'candle', if candle it was, was rather larger than the sort we use on tables, and the clay pipes which circulated the water became unusable many years ago.
Sheikh Bahai was a noted philosopher and mathematician who worked for Shah Abbas I and who also designed the Sundial in the Royal Mosque which to this day accurately gives the time for mid-day prayers.
An inscription over the doorway is all that identifies the building today. It seems to be open most mornings as it is currently used as storage area for all manner of materials.