The Street named after Ali Gholi Agha runs north from Masjed-e-Seyyed about 300m west of the junction with Chahar Bagh. Shortly after entering the covered part of the bazaar there is a turning to the right from which the Mosque can be seen as shown in the illustration above.

The Mosque contains a Winter Prayer Gallery, or Shabestan, which has been heavily re-decorated, even raising the level of the old floor. There is a small mehrab on the southern side of the courtyard which contains some unusually dark red coloured tiles and has a dome above it whose decoration appears to derive from the the dome at the entrance to the Chahar Bagh Theological college. Looking back to the entrance you can see the upper storey of the mosque, which is given over to quarters for some 30 theological students, however there is no longer any teaching within the mosque.

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