This mosque is found in the northern district of the city called 'Dardasht'. It lies between the Tomb of Soltan Bakht Agha and the Mausoleum of Shahshahan. It is situated to the Western side of a street which used to be called 'Shahid Zamani' close to an area which I believe is now called 'Park-e-Pirestan'. This view of the exterior of the mosque has been taken from the 'Park' in 2000 C.E., which, as you can see in the photo, contains some fairly immature trees!

It was started during the closing years of the reign of Shah Abbas I and finished under his successor in 1629/30 C.E. (1039 A.H.). The Mosque's patron was Nur Al Din Muhammad Isfahani. All this information is contained in the 'Thuluth' inscription above the main entrance.

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